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OraBell Dental Implant Centers offers a free consultation to all patients seeking or considering dental implants. Whether you’re missing one, several, or all of your teeth, we encourage you to contact our dental implant specialist in the San Fernando Valley. Dental implants are the ideal replacements for missing teeth because they replace the root structures of your teeth rather than just the crowns, providing a strong foundation for the dental crowns, bridges, or dentures. We specialize in full-mouth dental implants with same-day restorations, so you can walk out of the dental clinic with a full set of brilliant teeth.

Step 1: Free consultation with the dental implant specialist in Van Nuys

OraBell offers a free consultation for all patients considering dental implants. You’ll meet with our nationally-recognized dental implant specialist, Dr. Idan Snapir, who will walk you through the complete process. He will examine your teeth, discuss your goals, and take numerous tests to determine if you can benefit from dental implants and if you’re a suitable candidate. Your dental implant specialist will also answer any questions you may have about the entire process.

Step 2: Receive your comprehensive dental implant treatment plan

All patients are unique and need unique dental implant treatments. Some patients only need one implant with a dental crown, whereas another may need two implants with a bridge, and another patient may need four or more implants with dentures. Furthermore, some patients need preliminary preparatory procedures, such as bone grafting, whereas others can start immediately. Our free consultation includes a 3D CBCT scan, which allows us to examine your specific dental anatomy. The dental implant specialist studies the results of your scan to curate the ideal dental implant treatment plan for you.

Step 3: Receive an accurate quotation for your dental implant surgery

The dental implant treatment plan involves selecting the type of dental implants used, the type of surgery, the number of implants, and the type of restorations. After curating the dental implant treatment plan, the dentist will provide an overview of your implant treatment cost — it will include a complete breakdown of the treatment costs so you know exactly what to pay. Our team will also discuss your third-party financing options to help minimize your immediate out-of-pocket financial burden. You will know exactly what your treatment will include and how much it will cost.

Explore your dental implant options in the San Fernando Valley

OraBell Dental Implant Centers is a state-of-the-art dental clinic specializing in dental implants for patients in the San Fernando Valley. Dr. Idan Snapir, our highly-skilled and talented dental implant specialist, examines all of his patients carefully to ensure they’re suitable candidates for the procedure. Generally, dental implants are suitable for all patients missing one, several, or even all of their teeth. We provide a free consultation, during which you’ll receive a comprehensive dental implant treatment plan and a quote for the entire procedure. Please schedule an appointment to claim your free consultation today.

Your Free Consultation Awaits With A CBCT Scan

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