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If most or all of your teeth in the upper or lower arch are damaged, loose, or missing, you may be the ideal candidate for full-mouth dental implants in Van Nuys. Most people get dentures to replace a complete arch of missing teeth, but that can be incredibly frustrating and inconvenient. Dentures can’t offer the same functionality and aesthetics as natural teeth — but dental implants can. Our unique full-mouth dental implants allow patients to recover complete bite force and chewing capacity with natural aesthetics.

Man receiving full-mouth dental implants in Van Nuys

What are full-mouth dental implants?

Full-mouth dental implants, as the name suggests, is a procedure that involves using dental implants to replace all the teeth in your mouth. The process is fairly simple — the dentist places four or more implants in strategic locations in your upper or lower arch. The implants are carefully placed to ensure they can support a complete arch of dentures. As such, you can replace all of your teeth with as few as four implants.

How do full-mouth dental implants work?

A dental implant is essentially a replacement for the missing tooth’s root structure, i.e., the part of the tooth underneath the gum line. It’s a titanium screw drilled into the jawbone underneath the empty socket of the missing tooth. The titanium screw’s surface is such that it facilitates optimal osseointegration, a biological process wherein your natural bone tissues fuse with the implant surface. As such, the titanium implant becomes a firmly rooted part of your dental anatomy.

Once the dental implant is placed, the dentist can attach a crown, bridge, or denture to the implant. When it comes to our full-mouth rehabilitation in Van Nuys, our dentist places four or more implants in strategically chosen locations around your mouth. After placing the implant, the dentist loads a complete denture onto the implants. As such, the implants offer a stable base for the denture, ensuring they remain firmly in place — no slipping, clicking, or sliding.

Full mouth dental implants vs. conventional dentures

Most people use complete dentures when they suffer from the loss of most or all of their teeth. Complete dentures are a complete set of artificial teeth attached to a gum-colored base, which must be attached to the gums using dental adhesives. Using dental adhesives to stick the dentures can be messy and inconvenient. The dentures can slip or slide out of place while chewing or talking, leading to socially embarrassing situations.

You also have to remove the dentures at night and use special cleaning and maintenance techniques so they never truly feel like actual teeth. Furthermore, dentures don’t support your natural jawbone tissues. And without the roots of your teeth, your jawbone tissues may gradually erode and fade away, leading to a sunken appearance on your face. As such, wearing dentures for extended periods can make you look significantly older.

Our full-mouth dental implants in Van Nuys are the ideal alternative to conventional dentures — they look, feel, and function like natural teeth. In this case, the complete denture is attached to the implants, so they can’t be removed at will. Implant-supported dentures also restore complete bite force, allowing you to eat whatever you want — no dietary limitations. Furthermore, dental implants support your jawbone tissues, prevent jawbone disintegration, and make you look younger.

Benefits of full-mouth dental implants:

  • Look and feel indistinguishable from natural teeth
  • Function like a natural set of healthy teeth
  • Restore complete bite and chewing force
  • Replace all missing teeth with as few as four implants
  • No risk of the dentures slipping, clicking, or sliding
  • Dentures are attached on the same day as the dental implants
  • Preserve natural jawbone tissues and facilitate jawbone regeneration
  • Give you a second chance with the perfect smile
  • Maintenance is the same as natural teeth
  • Improve self-esteem and quality of life

Am I a candidate for full-mouth dental implants?

If you’re fully edentulous, i.e., most of the teeth on your lower or upper arch are damaged, loose, or missing, you’re a suitable candidate for full-mouth dental implants. This procedure is meant for patients seeking natural and functional replacements for all or most of their missing teeth. You can also opt for this procedure if you want to transition from conventional dentures to implant-supported dentures.

If you’ve been wearing traditional dentures for a long time, it’s possible you may have suffered jawbone resorption, a process that starts shortly after you lose your teeth. However, you need to have adequate jawbone tissues for a successful dental implant process. If you don’t have enough jawbone, your dentist may recommend a bone grafting procedure before getting dental implants — this will improve your candidacy.

You should also be in generally good physical health, not have gum disease or periodontitis, and you should be a nonsmoker (or willing to stop smoking).

Full-mouth dental implants in San Fernando Valley

OraBell Dental Implant Centers is a state-of-the-art dental clinic specializing in full-mouth rehabilitation in Van Nuys for fully edentulous patients. If you’re missing all or most of your teeth, please contact Dr. Idan Snapir to explore your teeth replacement options. He will carefully examine your teeth, run numerous diagnostic tests, ensure you’re a suitable candidate, and curate a personalized full-mouth dental implant treatment plan for you.

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