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Reclaim Your Smile Today!

Welcome to OraBell Dental Implants, your premier destination for cutting-edge implant dentistry in West Covina. Our renowned dental specialist, Dr. Snapir, brings over two decades of expertise to provide you with the perfect smile. With a focus on affordable, advanced dental implants, including the revolutionary all-on-x technique or specialty procedures such as implant dentures, we’re dedicated to restoring your confidence and oral health. We also offer same-day implants, so you can walk out of the clinic with a dazzling smile in one session. Acquiring perfect teeth has never been easier!

Dad with kid on his back smiling after implant dentistry in West Covina

Replace Your Missing Teeth In One Session!

Revitalize your smile in just one session in West Covina — our specialized immediate loading techniques allow us to expertly restore your teeth in a single day. Following the implant surgery, our skilled dentist will fix natural-looking temporary crowns, bridges, or dentures onto your implants. These prosthetics provide the appearance and functionality of natural teeth, allowing you to leave the clinic with a complete set of pearly whites in one day!

Treatments As Unique As You

At OraBell Dental Implants West Covina, we believe everyone is inherently unique, and our treatments reflect just that. Each consultation with our implant dentist in West Covina begins with a thorough evaluation, following which we use advanced CBCT scans to gain an understanding of your oral landscape. This empowers us to craft personalized dental implant techniques tailored to your requirements, ensuring naturalized results that conform to your anatomy and expectations.

Affordable Implants & Complete Transparency

OraBell Dental Implants offers premium, high-quality, affordable dental implants in West Covina. We believe everyone should have access to a radiant smile, so we provide a complete overview of your dental implant treatment costs, options, and payment plans. Our team can also work with third-party financing options to help you access oral care without a dramatic out-of-pocket burden. Whatever your budget or needs, we can find a solution.

Determine Your Candidacy With A Free Consultation

We understand that you may have concerns about your candidacy and questions about the dental implant process. Dr. Snapir believes that education should be free for everyone. To that end, we offer a completely free consultation with a comprehensive CBCT scan to help you understand your options. We visualize your dental anatomy and curate a personalized treatment plan during the consultation, so you can walk out of the clinic with a clear picture.

Dr. Snapir, implant dentist in West Covina, CA

Meet Dr. Idan Snapir

Meet the visionary behind OraBell Dental Implants – Dr. Idan Snapir, our resident implant dentist in West Covina. With over two decades of experience, a dental doctorate from UCLA, and advanced specializing in dental implants, Dr. Snapir is dedicated to helping you achieve a radiant smile. His commitment to cutting-edge techniques, including the revolutionary all-on-x approach, sets the standard for dental implant excellence. Discover personalized care and expertise under the guidance of Dr. Snapir – your partner in achieving a confident smile.

Woman with great smile after implant dentistry in West Covina

Benefits Of Dental Implants In West Covina:

  • Natural-looking and comfortable replacement for missing teeth
  • Replace the form, function, and appearance of real teeth
  • Enhanced speech and chewing abilities
  • Long-term oral health and bone preservation
  • Secure fit without adhesives
  • Convenient and hassle-free maintenance
  • Improved facial aesthetics
  • Prevents adjacent teeth from shifting
  • No restrictions on food choices
  • Minimal impact on surrounding teeth
  • Enhanced overall oral health and quality of life

To learn more about how dental implants in West Covina can benefit you, please contact us for a free consultation.

Reclaim Your Smile With Implants In West Covina

OraBell Dental Implants invites you to rediscover the joy of a complete and confident smile. Our advanced implant dentistry in West Covina, led by Dr. Idan Snapir, offer a transformative experience to help you achieve the perfect set of teeth. Schedule a free consultation today and embark on a journey towards lasting confidence and improved quality of life. Whether you’re missing one, several, or all of your teeth, we have the ideal dental implant solutions.

Your Free Consultation Awaits With A CBCT Scan

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