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Dental Implants in Sherman Oaks, CA

OraBell Dental Implant Centers is located conveniently near Sherman Oaks. Our Van Nuys, CA, facility has state-of-the-art equipment and experienced dental implant specialists who create a personalized treatment plan. We can address complex dental issues while ensuring you are comfortable throughout the treatment process.

We know clients want to look their best while browsing the shops and dining at restaurants along Ventura Boulevard. Whether you’re looking for the perfect outfit at Westfield Fashion Square or enjoying dinner with friends at Casa Vega (where “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” and other movies were filmed), your smile should look its best. After all, you never know who you’ll see here.

How We’re Different

At OraBell Dental Implant Centers, we use the latest developments in dental implant technologies and techniques. Advanced X-rays and 3D CT scans are used to thoroughly assess the patient’s oral health. Dr. Idan Snapir, a highly experienced and talented dental implant specialist, carefully evaluates each patient for suitability and creates a unique treatment plan. Your initial consultation is free, during which you’ll get an overview of the treatment process and receive a full quote.

Our Dental Implant Services

Receiving dental implants is a multi-step process. We ensure you are physically and emotionally comfortable from start to finish. Numerous sedation options are available so you won’t feel discomfort during any stage of treatment, which includes:

  • Inserting a titanium screw into the jawbone; bone tissue will grow into the post to create a firm root.
  • Attaching an abutment to the screw, onto which the prosthetic tooth is connected.
  • Once you’re fully healed, a high-quality zirconia replacement tooth will be attached.

The first two stages require a healing period before proceeding to the next step. Once your new teeth are in place, they will look and function the same as natural teeth, so you can bite, chew, and smile with confidence.

See Instant Results!

While your bone tissue and gum must heal before placing the prosthesis, you’ll still have a perfect smile. We’ll fit you with a natural-looking temporary crown, bridge, or denture after your first surgery. That means you’ll leave our office that day with a fresh smile!

Our dental restorations include single-tooth implants placed under the socket of a missing tooth, so you’ll have a perfectly-fitted implant-supported crown. We can also replace multiple teeth, whether in the same area or different parts of your mouth. Or, we can provide full-mouth implants. Screw posts are inserted in strategic locations, onto which a permanent denture is attached to replace a full arch of missing or damaged teeth.

Schedule Your Dental Implant Consultation in Sherman Oaks

Your consultation includes a free 3D CBCT scan for a full assessment of your dental anatomy and oral health. Dr. Snapir will formulate a complete treatment plan and discuss every step of the procedure. You’ll receive a quote on the total cost as well. We’ll ensure you leave our office confident and optimistic. Call OraBell today to schedule your free consultation.

Your Free Consultation Awaits With A CBCT Scan

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