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OraBell Dental Implant Centers in Van Nuys, CA, proudly serves the community of Studio City. No matter how complex the dental issues you face, we can provide a personalized treatment plan. Our dental implant specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to assess your oral health, treatment needs, and to ensure functional, natural-looking results.

Whether you’re taking a stroll along Ventura Boulevard, hiking in Wilacre Park, or visiting CBS Studio Center, we know you want to look your best. Even when you’re far from the crowds, you can feel comfortable and confident. That includes when starting your walk at the Longridge Park Trailhead or standing at the Universal City Overlook admiring the view of a town where everyone wants to look like a star.

How We’re Different

Each treatment plan begins with a free consultation. At OraBell Dental Implant Centers, we use the most advanced X-rays and 3D CT scans to get a full perspective of your oral health and treatment needs. We’re headed by the exceptionally talented and experienced Dr. Idan Snapir, a leading dental implant specialist who provides  personalized treatments for every patient. During your first visit, you’ll be examined for suitability for receiving implants, and along with a full quote, you’ll receive a detailed explanation of the entire process.

Single or Full Mouth Dental Implants

OraBell Dental Implant Centers provides fully individualized treatments. We can replace a single missing or damaged tooth with an implant and crown. If you’re missing multiple teeth in different places or one area, we can provide as many implants as you need or an implant-supported bridge. Full-mouth dental implants can replace a full arch of missing teeth with titanium posts inserted in strategic points. 

Each treatment plan is a multi-step process, but we offer various sedation options and ensure that you are physically and emotionally prepared for a treatment that will improve your appearance, oral health, and ability to smile, speak, and chew food. The general treatment process involves these three stages:

  • Inserting a titanium post into the jawbone, which bond together during healing.
  • Attaching an abutment to the top of the titanium screw, just below the gum line.
  • Placing a zirconia-based prosthetic tooth atop the abutment.

See Instant Results!

The first and second stages of treatment require time for healing. But you will still walk away with a natural smile every time. At no point in the treatment process will it feel incomplete. We can provide temporary dentures, crowns, and bridges so no one will know you’re seeking the best smile in town!

Schedule Your Free Consultation in Studio City Today

During your initial consultation, you’ll receive a complete examination and 3D CBCT scan at no cost. Once we assess your oral health and dental anatomy, we’ll create a personalized treatment plan, explain every step of the process, and quote the total cost of treatment. To book your first appointment with OraBell, call us today.

Your Free Consultation Awaits With A CBCT Scan

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