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Do I Need Periodontist Insurance?

To be a candidate for dental implants, your gum health must be optimal. Gum disease increases the risk of implant failure. Receiving periodontitis treatments before surgery can increase the chances of success. At OraBell Dental Implant Centers in Van Nuys, our patients in this situation often ask whether they need periodontist insurance

What Is a Periodontist?

A periodontist is a specialized type of dentist who treats gum disease. Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory condition that affects the gums and underlying bone that supports the teeth. In addition to preventing, diagnosing, and treating periodontal disease, a periodontist also specializes in placing dental implants. 

If periodontitis isn’t treated, bone and tooth loss can occur. It starts as gingivitis, a mild form of gum disease caused by a buildup of plaque on the teeth. This sticky film contains bacteria; it can be removed by daily brushing and flossing. Otherwise, it can turn into a hardened tartar that requires professional dental cleaning to remove.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Periodontal Care?

Some periodontal treatments may be covered under your dental plan, depending on the policy and the type of treatment. Periodontal insurance may be necessary if your dental insurance doesn’t cover:

  • Non-surgical and/or surgical periodontal treatment.
  • Extra cleanings to prevent the progression of gingivitis.
  • Maintenance care for patients previously treated for periodontal disease.

Your medical insurance may also cover some types of periodontal treatment and conditions related to gum disease. It sometimes covers periodontal examination and treatment if you’re undergoing a different procedure, but periodontal procedures are typically not covered. If so, coverage for gum surgery may only be partial. You can enroll in both dental and medical insurance to increase coverage for treatments.

What Treatments Does Periodontist Insurance Cover?

If gum disease is less advanced, it can be treated with non-surgical methods such as scaling and root planing. Dental instruments, a laser, or an ultrasonic device can be used to remove tartar and bacteria. You may be given a topical antibiotic gel or mouth rinse to control bacterial infection.

But if your condition requires surgery, sections of gum may need to be cut and lifted back to expose/clean roots. Receded gums can be treated by grafting soft tissue from the roof of your mouth to replace lost tissue. Bone grafting is another periodontal disease treatment; if teeth need to be reattached to the jawbone, your own bone, synthetic, or donated bone may be grafted.

Deep cleaning, which includes scaling and root planing, as well as X-rays for evaluation, are often covered under dental insurance benefits. Surgical interventions may only be covered under periodontist insurance. Or, your regular health insurance may cover the procedure if it’s determined to be medically necessary.

Check with Your Insurance Company About Coverage

Whether you need to purchase separate periodontist insurance coverage depends on your insurer. Check with the insurance company about dental plans with a wider range of coverage. They may offer a higher-level plan and a short waiting period to get covered, so you can begin treatment. However, with periodontist insurance, you may not receive an estimate on copayments until after completing treatment. Always check with your policy to determine its limitations and what portion of a necessary procedure is covered.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

If you’re uncertain about your dental health or periodontist insurance needs, schedule a free consultation with OraBell Dental Implant Centers. We’re conveniently located in Van Nuys, in the San Fernando Valley. Our state-of-the-art dental clinic is led by Dr. Idan Snapir, an experienced dental implant specialist. During your consultation, you’ll receive a comprehensive treatment plan and quote for the entire process. To schedule your appointment, contact us online or call 818-739-8736.

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