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How Do Locators for Implant Dentures Work?


Dental locator implants are an alternative to loose-fitting, misaligned dentures. They support an overdenture or locator denture that helps restore a patient’s dental function and appearance. In this article, we’ll explain what locators for implant dentures are and how they compare to OraBell’s implant procedure and options.


What Are Locators for Implant Dentures?


Dental implants have created a range of options for people with missing teeth. Locators for implant dentures differ from standard implants because they feature a plug-like end to form a solid connection. A softer material on top provides flexibility and shock absorption when movement or pressure is applied to an overdenture. 


Inserted at strategic points in the jawbone, the implants create fixed-position anchors to support a prosthesis. The number of implants used depends on the number of teeth replaced and the size and shape of the patient’s jaw. A dental surgeon considers these variables to determine the number, angle, and position of the implants.


Benefits of Dental Locator Implants


Compared to traditional dentures, these implants provide patients with advantages such as:


  • Less pain and discomfort when eating, drinking, or talking
  • A secure fit allows a wider variety of foods to be eaten
  • No need for denture paste, adhesive powder, or other adhesive products
  • Easy cleaning with a gentle cleanser and soft-bristled brush
  • Support for jawbone structure that reduces bone loss


How Many Implants Are Needed?


The number of implants used varies based on a range of factors. A surgeon often places two implants in the mandible (lower jaw) or a single implant in the midline. For the maxilla (upper jaw), four implants may be used. The exact number and placement for each implant are determined using the results of a physical examination and medical images. Your dentist will create a plan that meets your needs, oral health, and health history.


How Our Process Is Different


Whether you need one, multiple, or all teeth replaced, OraBell provides a permanent solution. Our zirconia restorations are indistinguishable from natural teeth, and our full-mouth implants are supported by an all-on-4 (four posts) or all-on-6 (six posts) approach. While some locators for implant dentures are designed to retain them until the prosthesis is removed, our implants (and crowns and bridges) stay in place permanently. They can last the rest of the patient’s life if well cared for. 


Our process includes a free consultation and 3D CBCT scan and examination by our lead specialist, Dr. Idan Snapir. You’ll also receive a free quote for the entire procedure. We then take a three-step approach that includes placing a titanium post, attaching an abutment, and fitting a prosthetic crown, bridge, or denture. Our patients’ physical and emotional comfort is ensured throughout the process.


Contact OraBell Today

Schedule your consultation and we’ll determine if you’re a candidate for dental implants. If necessary, we’ll recommend any treatments to strengthen your gums and bones before the procedure. Temporary solutions are provided during your first visit so you’ll have a complete smile from day one. To request your first appointment at our Van Nuys, CA, office, book online or call 818-804-4945 today.

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