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Why Avoid Cheap Implants in Los Angeles?

By October 13, 2022October 12th, 2023No Comments

Have you seen those ads for dental implants at $399 or other unexpectedly low prices? The idea of cheap implants in Los Angeles may be enticing to some. But realistically, it is too good to be true. Saving money may be smart for many purchases, but not with dental implants. While the cost can vary depending on where you live and your provider, avoid cheap implants for these reasons:

It Can’t Possibly Cover the Full Cost of Treatment

An implant includes a post, abutment, and crown, all of which aren’t cheap. You’ll also have to pay for X-rays and laboratory fees, while the dentist is going to charge for the services they provide and their time. And if you have bone loss, you’ll need a bone graft. If the dentist charging cheap prices for implants is far from where you live, they can’t provide the proper aftercare or any additional treatments if needed.

The Risk of Low-Quality Implants

If a dental practice is advertising cheap implant prices, it may be falsely advertising to consumers. There’s also a chance it is using lower-quality parts. If the parts are of poor quality, the implant won’t last very long, and breaks or fractures can cause serious problems. Make sure your dentist uses a titanium dental implant post, as titanium provides a strong and stable bond with the jawbone.

The Dental Work May Be Outsourced

There have been dental implant practices that offer cheap prices to begin the work. After your initial visit and some time healing, you’ll be sent to a private dentist to complete the procedure. They can charge as much as they want, while the implant center you first went to gets a commission for referring you to someone in their network.

Harm to Your Health

Getting cheap implants in Los Angeles can mean compromising your health. Some of the risks include:

  • Infection: Peri-implantitis, a type of infection, can lead to dental implant failure, which is more likely the cheaper the implant is. It requires the implant to be removed. In addition, stopping the infection means going for periodontal therapy. On the other hand, a high-quality dental implant can last 30 years or longer with few problems.
  • Nerve Damage: The risk of nerve damage with dental implant surgery is low, but discounted implants and nerve damage are correlated. Nerve injury can occur if the dentist overlooks underlying issues or isn’t properly qualified to perform the procedure. Damage to nerves can make eating, talking, and other activities painful and even very difficult.
  • Perforated Sinus Cavity: If a dentist lacks experience or performs an implant procedure without treating bone loss, they could break into the maxillary sinuses. These are located above the upper molars on both sides of the nose. If there’s not enough bone in the upper arch, a qualified dentist can graft bone to avoid issues related to perforated sinuses, including headaches, migraines, nosebleeds, and various other symptoms.

Therefore, it’s best to avoid getting cheap implants in Los Angeles.

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